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1-on-1 Consulting
with The Gstaad Guy

Elevate yourself and your business through 1-on-1 video consulting with The Gstaad Guy.



Elevate yourself and your business 

Social Media Consulting

Learn to create and use a niche audience to drive engagement and sales for luxury businesses.

The 1% Perspective 

Understand the minds, habits, and desires of the UHNWI consumer through the lens of The Gstaad Guy.

Anything you want to know

Your consultation is your opportunity to gain advice on any topic you deem important - from life coaching and business advice, to self-discipline and motivational stories. 



The GG Story

The Gstaad Guy (GG) is a social media content creator with the highest concentration of high net worth followers of any social media page globally (according to Forbes), with over 100 members of the Forbes Billionaire list. 

GG worked at Apple full-time while creating his first videos on Instagram, prior to resigning to pursue content creation and marketing entrepreneurship full time. GG has worked on marketing campaigns with brands including Tag Heuer, Loro Piana, Sotheby's, Bumble, and Off-White - generating over $1M in sales in less than 10 hours for some of his clients.  

GG is the founder the fastest growing Rosé business in the UK named Palais Constance and continues to launch business affiliated with the Gstaad Guy ecosystem. 

IMG_6721 2.HEIC
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